These pictures show just a few of the many wonderful details of St. Paul's Shrine


Detail of Stained Glass window on the rigt side of the Church 

(ABOVE) Conversion of St. Paul Shrine looking south from Euclid Avenue at East 40th Street

(ABOVE) Arial view of St. Paul Shrine looking south

(ABOVE) The amazing restoration of St. Paul's Shrine!

(ABOVE) Scaffolding set up on the  right front side of the Church 

(ABOVE)  Newly redecorated interior of the Church. 

(ABOVE)  The new decorated left side of the Church

(ABOVE) The Pandemic gave us the opportunity to restore St. Paul's Shrine.  Here the scaffolding is set up for painting the ceiling!

(ABOVE) St. Paul's Shrine in the Spring showing the new roof!

(ABOVE) The amazing and beautiful detail of the Tabernacle!

Conversion of St. Paul Shrine

(ABOVE) The amazing and beautiful  Sacred Heart  of Jesus Altar!

(ABOVE)  Our Lady of the Eucharist - Painted  for the" Year of the Eucharist" !