Conversion of St. Paul Shrine

Interior of St. Paul's Shrine decorated for Christmas

These pictures show just a few of the many wonderful details of the interior of St. Paul's Shrine


Detail of the Prayerful Angels that ring the Cloister Wall and the Sacristy wall


The Pieta and Chrism Oils with Baptismal Fount on the left side of the Church with Stations of the Cross on wall

Detail of Stained Glass window on the rigt side of the Church 

Graphic superimpozing the Statue of the Sacred Heart over the Entrance Door

Statue of St. Joseph in the Front lobby in front of Stained Glass Window

Mother Thomas' exquisite large mural hanging on the back wall near the entrance

Conversion of St. Paul Shrine looking south from Euclid Avenue at East 40th Street

Arial view of St. Paul Shrine looking south

Detail of the Crucifix with Mary and Mary Magdelene over the Main Altar

Stained Glass Window of St. John giving Holy Commuion to Our Lady; located on the left front side of the Church

Stained Glass Window right side of the Church showing the Chalice, grapes and wheat

Detail of the Holy Trinity Stained Glass Window on the  right front side of the Church 

Stained Glass Window inside ramp entrance to the Shrine (very easy to miss, but really beautiful!)

Interior of the Shrine showing the massive wood work in the ceiling

Hand painted original mural of God the Father and the Holy Spirit located directly above the  peak of the main cove

Two details of the white marble carvings in the altar beneath the monstrance (shaded brown to show detail)

A statue in the little shrine to Padre Pio statue near the confessionals

The hand carved and painted tabernacle encasing the Monstrance and Our Lord's real presence in the Main Cove